Sunday, December 11, 2011


Finally my Christmas shopping is done! But as I sit on the floor in the middle of the gift wrap, ribbons, bows, and presents, I find that I’m not nearly as “done” as I thought.

Go figure.

After all the thought put into each gift, standing in line, and shopping numerous stores for a particular item in stock, I sit here, my scissors poised and ready to wrap. Have I really bought the perfect gift for each person? Will the recipient think as much of the present as I do? Or will they rush to the store on December 26th to exchange it for something else?

And then the mania sets in.

What about putting together the toys, bicycles, exercise equipment, etc.? If the box says “Some assembly required,” in English that means a person needs a professional mechanic’s tools and an engineering degree to get the job done. And how can you possibly pull that off without waking the kids?

Then there’s Christmas dinner. Can I cook the turkey and ham so that no one gets sick from undercooked meat? Will the guests get along and have a good time? Wait! That, I can do. I’ll just be sure to choose a good wine. Except that means ….. one more stop on the list.

So, really I am not “done”, I have just begun.

Until next week,


Jarenwicklund |