Monday, June 10, 2013


It's official - I spend WAAAYYYY too much time browsing the Internet in the name of research!! However, I do manage to learn some interesting things.  Here's what I stumbled upon this week:  10 crazy (but true) laws:

1.     It is against Michigan state law to tie a crocodile to a fire hydrant.

2.     A woman in a housecoat is forbidden to drive a car in California.

3.     In Eureka, Nevada, it is illegal for men who have mustaches to kiss women.

4.     According to an Atlanta, Georgia, ordinance, "smelly people" are not allowed to ride public streetcars.

5.     In Mohave County, Arizona, if anyone is caught stealing soap, he must wash himself with it until the soap is gone.

6.     In Michigan, a woman's hair belongs to her husband.

7.     It's illegal in St. Louis, Missouri, for a fireman to rescue a woman wearing a nightgown.  If she wants to be rescued, she must be fully clothed.

8.     Policemen are allowed to bite a dog if they think it will calm the dog down in Paulding, Ohio.

9.     In Indiana, it is illegal for a man to be sexually aroused in public.

10.    A woman in Memphis, Tennessee, is not allowed to drive a car unless a man is in front of the car waving a red flag to warn people and other cars.

Until next week,

     Because I'm smokin' hot is not the correct answer to
     "Do you know why I pulled you over?" !!!!!

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