Saturday, October 1, 2011


I really thought I had this computer stuff down, but recently I found out I was wrong.  With a lot of practice, I've managed to fumble my way through e-mail.  Since I get loads of e-mail, I decided to organize my inbox by creating folders to store mail until I've had a chance to respond.  I also organized by contacts into groups. A fairly normal, easy function for most people.  Except me.

I'm not really a superstitious person, but I check my horoscope every morning.  If it's good, I take it to heart and tell my best friend, Ann.  If it's bad, I tell Ann I don't even believe in that stuff. 

Last Saturday morning, the stars were shining on me.  Since it was the weekend and I wouldn't see Ann until Monday, I decided to e-mail her a copy of the horoscope with a comment.  A private comment.

Now I know how to send e-mail to ALL the people in my "friends" folder.  See, I accidentally addressed my e-mail to every single contact in my "friends" folder, and my private comment became public.  To make matters worse, Ann didn't realize what I'd done (she's still learning about e-mail too) and she sent a reply.  Which was also sent to every single contact in my "friends" folder, some of whom chose to respond by telling me I shouldn't believe in that trash.

Embarrassed to no end, I called Ann for comfort.  Like a true best friend, she told me not to worry.  "At least we weren't gossiping," she said.  That's why she's the best friend.

If you can "undo" things you've done on your computer, shouldn't you be able to "unsend" an e-mail?  Someone really needs to work on that.

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