Sunday, October 16, 2011


I think I finally figured out why I write romance novels.
Yesterday, I broke down and decided to bake a batch of walnut brownies.  Not from a mix, mind you, but from scratch.  I measured, stirred, measured, then stirred again until finally the chocolate concoction was ready to be baked.  Very carefully I poured the mix into the baking pan, taking great care to keep the dripping chocolate in the pan and off the counter.  Then I popped the pan into the oven.  During cleanup, I scrubbed down the counters, gathered the eggshells into a pile, scooped everything up into a pile, and headed for the trash can.  And there I stood, my hands full of paper towels and egg "juice".  Why is it I am the only person in the house who finds it logical to replace the liner when the old one is removed?  My hero never forgets to replace the bag.  
Hot and sweaty, I headed for the shower.  Nothing like a nice, warm shower to wash away egg whites and frustration.  I leaned over the tub, turned on the faucets and then sighed.  Why is it I am the only person in the house who finds it logical to wash out the shower when I'm finished?  My hero always remembers to clean the shower (although most of the time he doesn't shower alone...)
After wiping out the shower, I started the process again.  This time, mother nature called while the water warmed.  I sat on the toilet and almost fell in.  I don't need to explain why.  My hero NEVER puts me in that position.
By the time I finished the shower, the timer on the stove beeped to tell me the brownies were done.  I pulled the steaming pan from the oven, cut them into squares, and managed to get one out and onto a plate.   Nothing like a nice, warm brownie and a cold glass of milk.  I stepped to the refrigerator and opened the door.  Why is it I am the only person in the house who doesn't replace the milk carton when there is only a dribble of milk left inside?  You get the point ... my hero always leaves the last glass of milk for me.
This is why I write romance novels. 

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